Shoprite managers and Supervisors stripping its workers naked in order to search them

Something which may seem to be preposterous, some Chinese in shoprite are stripping cashiers naked in order to search them that might be hiding money. A check by the Giant of Africa reporter at one of the shoprite malls confirmed that, these cashiers when knocking off they are made to undress their clothes in order to be searched.
Meanwhile EEP party Mr. Chilufya tayali has noted with sadness that these Chinese are abusing the Zambians by stripping them naked.
Mr tayali has said that, his party will not allow such Barbados behavior portraid by the Chinese companies.
” How to do strip cashiers to search them, this is preposterous. I have gone to 4 shoprite outlets and workers have confirmed that they are being abused.
All the workers I spoke to, were so scared even to talk me in fear of being fired because their plight has not been heard for a long time. Workers are getting very little and they have no job security”.He said.
And Mr.Tayali has confirmed that these workers were afraid to speak in fear of being fired.
Below is the message received from one of the shoprite worked in chingola.
Hi big chilu..let me bring to your attention something from Shoprite cause I don’t think such things should be happening in our country in this day and age.
There are so many injustices that are happening in these private companies but there employees fail to come out cause they fear being fired from their jobs and you know employment is scarce nowadays. Shoprite cashiers suffer a lot of injustices not just from there managers but supervisors as well..
There is a deliberate policy to spot check cashiers during the course of operation on a daily basis and at different times. Of course there is nothing wrong with that.. but what is shocking is that after they are spot checked whether one is balancing or not doesn’t matter but they also have to take them to a room and strip them naked to check if they hiding any money or not. is this right? What does our labour laws say about such practices?
This practice is burning hot in chingola shoprite presently and the poor cashiers are afraid to come out cause they too have no faith in our minister of labour after she ordered police to arrest a whistle blower in such issues….am not a cashier but I see these things happening because at times they use the same room where I work. by the way. dont share my name okay man”.He wrote through a text message.
After confirming the story, One of the girls even told me that she suspects that one of the supervisor could be gay, because she likes doing that while she looks at their nakedness fondly and even touch then.
But after reaching the labor minister, her phone went unanswered during news time.


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