Congolese Embassy must apologize to Mr.Hakainde Hichilema within 48hrs or protest will be set at their camp – Gilbert Liswaniso

The UPND Youths in the country, have wished to strongly warned the Congolese Embassy in Zambia to with immediate effect and within 48 hours apologize to their President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema for likening him to a fugitive in his own country.

In the first place, Zambia has not at any level interfered with that country’s internal politics.

Therefore, the letter in receipt of and sent to State House by the Congolese embassy likening the President to a fugitive like they are calling Mr Moise Katumbi and his presence in our country is detrimental and divisive.

In view of that, the UPND youths have now given the Congolese embassy in Zambia to apologize to the UPND President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema within 48 hours.

The Congolese embassy and their President, Mr Joseph Kabila must learn and begin appreciating foreign policies and not extending their dictatorial tendencies to Zambia.

And the youths said are aware that Mr Edgar Lungu who is said to be President of our country and Congolese President Mr Joseph Kabila did enter into an agreement that Mr Moise Katumbi who is a resident of that country must not be allowed entry in Zambia and that our President, Mr Hichilema must not be allowed entry into that country but setting him as one who does not want peace is uncalled for.

While it is clear that Congolese embassy is fostering for dictatorship in zambia as is the case in Congo, and such barbalic behaviour will not be allowed here in our country.

This country belongs to Zambians and therefore anyone who will be seen advocating for torture of its citizens will be asked to leave the country faster than they came.

It is unprofessional for one Ambassador to wake up and begin writing letters to State House maligning innocent citizens such as our president.

If the Congolese government agreed with Mr Edgar Lungu not to allow Mr Moise Katumbi entry into Zambia, they should question each other and not begin fueling international political conflicts.

Zambians do not want to begin xenophobic attacks on the Congolese as is the case in South Africa, however careless letters from the Congolese embassy to state house like this one, would fuel fights between countries.

Lastly, we demand that Mr Edgar Lungu informs the nation as to why he has placed President Hakainde Hichilema under house arrest as it is clear through this letter that he does not want our President to move and foster development.
The letter was sent in by Gilbert Liswaniso


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