In his wide ranging state of the nation address to the National Assembly this morning, President Lungu noted that the sense of patriotism among Zambians today is varying with some having a high sense of patriotism with others lacking patriotism, as evidence by some people’s preference for foreign goods and service to Zambian products.

President Lungu has urged Zambians to be patriotic and at all times put high preference to buy Zambian goods and services.

He has also urged local manufacturers to continuously improve the quality and presentation of their products so as to instill customer confidence in local products.

President Lungu further states that the recent happenings were Zambians are conniving with foreigners to illegally harvest the country’s natural resources such as the Mukula tree and wildlife is another illustration of the lack of patriotism.

The Head of state has also expressed concern with the illegal manner in which land is being sold to foreigners.

He notes that at the rate land is being sold to foreigners; there is a danger the future generation will be rendered landless and end up being squatters in their own country.

President Lungu says he has reports of Chiefs giving hundreds of thousands of land in exchange for a second hand Pajero.

He says there is need as a matter of urgency to come up with a revised land Act and policy that guarantees sovereignty of the country’s land which is a key natural heritage.

On the referendum on the expanded bill of rights, President Lungu says demands by some sections of the civil society for the referendum for an expanded bill of rights to be held now are unattainable.

He says there is need to dialogue over this matter considering the cost and the fact that the country is coming from holding two costly elections with a short period of two years.

Meanwhile opposition UPND Members of Parliament boycotted the president’s address apart from UPND Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata who remained in the house.


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