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The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA ) has convicted 2,581 road traffic offenders infers its fast truck court. The fast truck court was introduced to specifically deal with road traffic offences.

In a media statement made available to the Voice of Zambia, RTSA Public Relations Manager Mukela Mangolwa revealed that the agency convicted 536 persons for offences relating to dangerous driving, 443 for drinking under the influence of alcohol and 126 for expired test certificates. Mrs. Mangolwa has since appealed to motorists to have what she termed as a change in driver attitude in a bid to lower the rate of RTA’s. She observed that most of the road traffic crashes have been as a result of human error with driving under the influence of alcohol, disregard for road traffic rules, fatigue and excessive speeding being the most rampant. Mrs. Mangolwa further commended the judiciary for the role it played last year in ensuring that road traffic offenders are brought to book in a bid to deter would be offenders.