A Chilanga man who defiled and killed two juveniles has been arrested

Police in Chilanga district have arrested Tapela Phiri aged 21 of Linda compound in Lusaka province.
The fact of the matter is that on unknown date he went to his sisters house in chilanga and picked up two nieces whos names are Judith Tembo 3years and Agness Nkhoma aged 7 whose parents were at the neighbourhood around 19hrs on 5th March 2017.
Police spokesperson, Esther Mwaata katongo disclosed that the suspect took the children in the mimosa area in the bush in chilanga where he defiled and later murdered them.
The suspect had stuffed leaves and grass in the victims mouths to prevent them from making noise. He later dumped the bodies along mimosa road.
The bodies were found by a motorist in an early hours around 02hrs today who later alerted the police.
The suspect of the killings is in chilanga police custody while the bodies of the deceased are lying in the university teaching hospital in Lusaka.
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