A virgilant Church member, warns of false churches and pastors.

With the mushrooming churches in zambia, every pastor and prophet wants to be above other, this is a matter contained in a statement sent to the Giant of Africa Radio by unnamed from Ndola.
He has send the message of warning to church members who just follow without knowing the true man of God.

He has aged people anywere in zambia to be very careful with some churches of nowadays which have mushroomed with false pastors.

He has given a testmony of what happened to him during his brother funeral.

"I was at a brothers funeral service on 9th August 2016. The church service was at Pastor Funete’s church(Our Vine) in Chililabombwe.Dr Mulenga(medical Dr) and the pastors of this very church(our vine) decided to raise my brother from the dead. As soon as they started praying for the body to rise, people started going out of the church and some went into the their vehicles and left. Some minutes later the pastors gave up praying and my brother was still dead.The decided to perform a miracle and it failed. A lot of people witnessed this and it really offended the family."
He said.

By Andrew P/Lusaka


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