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Speaking at UN, the PA leader accuses Israel of ‘apartheid’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’, threatens to withdraw recognition.

Island state with 280,000 people among the dozen Pacific island nations facing rising sea levels, more frequent storms.

International Energy Agency calls on Moscow to send more gas to head off an energy crisis amid concerns of shortages.

Russia, China agree to allow Kyaw Moe Tun to keep Myanmar’s UN seat as long as he does not speak during meeting.

Two Canadian’s departure from China followed reports that Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou flew back to China after US deal.

Decision falls short of the recommendation from Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Pope to apologise.

Years-long extradition drama has been a central source of discord in increasingly rocky ties between US and China.

Femi Oke co-hosts with the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications.