I wish to set record straight on what happened at Leopards Hill Memorial Park. I was there, I saw everything and I can confirm that the Patriotic Front (PF) Cadres attacked the mourners who went to bury the United Party for Nation Development (UPND) cadre Clance Zulu Nalosa at Lusaka memorial Park cemetery.
The PF cadres, most of them dressed in the PF regalia, armed with iron bars, sticks and stones pounced on anyone they came across at the graveyard robbing them of cellphones and money which they demanded instantly while beating their victims.
After the PF cadres finished their operation, one of them (commander) directed them to go. They regrouped and run back to the eastern gate like soldiers after victory.
In the crowd, I saw former TIZ Executive Director, Fr. Justin Matepa and among others, who were caught up in the fracas.
I took some pictures but I don’t post graphic pictures. The woman in the pictures was stripped naked and she had to be helped with what she is wearing.
It is not true to say the cadres from both parties clashed because the UPND were going about their burial peacefully without any political slogans apart from the regalia worn by some cadres.
However, after the PF cadres had left, one of the buses which passed near the UPND mourners (on the road outside the fence of memorial park on the Southern side) who had regrouped to continue burying, was attacked by the UPND youths because they suspected that, it was carrying some PF cadres. The bus was set alight by the UPND cadres.
There was about 5-6 funerals in the graveyard and all of them were disturbed. Clance’s burial was done in such a hurry by only a few people without the relatives because they had to flee the graveyard.
Most of the mourners condemned the PF cadres because they are the ones that started the confusion and terrorized innocent people.
The experience made me more worried of what may happen tomorrow, because I saw hunger in many people, besides from the UPND, who were attacked and robbed.
As a leader of Economic and Equity Party (EEP) I would like to speak for the people who got inconvenienced and suffered injuries or loss of property.
People need peace and President Lungu needs to show leadership, by following the advise of Archbishop Mpundu and the other Church leaders, calling for a National Indaba.
Pretending that there is no political tension and setting up conditions to dialogue will not help, the President needs to transcend party politics and emotions, to lead the nation to peace otherwise, one day things might get out of hand and the police will not manage to quench the upheaval like it happened today.
I called for the police, but it must have taken them time to react, by the time they were coming, a lot of people were already injured and the assailants at large.
One of the Police officers was also lynched by irate UPND cadres because they accused the police to have come late on the scene.
President Lungu needs to release that he can be charged of a criminal negligence for not acting when such incidences are happening.
As EEP, we do not intend to pursue former leaders when we come into power, but if President Lungu continue to ignore the advise of many people, including the Church, we will have no choice but to prosecute him for any loss of life, because he has the responsibility to protect life.
We are not going to waste our breathe in condemning cadres from both sides, because, they are just used by senior party officers, therefore, our call is on the leaders of both the UPND and the PF to sober up and engage in a give and take situation for the sake of peace, otherwise, EEP will hold all of them accountable.
Zambians need to to look to a party that, wants to unite this nation other than the current egocentric, selfish and inefficient leadership.
2021 IS OUR TIME!!


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