How to get a woman who already engage in another relationship

1-Be honest with yourself: Realise that falling for
a Woman who is already in love is not ideal. Though it happens, but the best is to keep off and pray to God for your own. The Woman you fell for who is already in love could as well fall for you if she sees reason to abandon her relationship. But don’t be the one to destroy it. Pestering a woman to abandon her relationship and follow you could be embarrassing to most Women.

2-Tell yourself that three (3) is a Crowd: when you fall in love for someone already in a relationship, your just a third party so Zero your mind and Move on.

3-Try and get over it:
Being in love with someone who can never be yours is painful and emotionally devastating. But come to think of it, if you truly believe that she can’t live her partner for you, Please Move on.

4-Consider Possibilities:
In as much as you love her. Do not pray for her Relationship downfall. Rather weigh your options and consider the possibilities of moving ahead with your Life. Waiting may be dangerous, it may breed Jealousy, anger and emotional shrink. It may lead to you doing things that you may regret later.

5- Ask yourself if you have a Girlfriend and someone came along the line and took her away to love, would you be happy? So be a gentle and respect her decisions.

6- Try and find out if the relationship is future driven, before taking further action on it with your interests. But always realise that the power to choose lies on her. Be discrete about it so that you wouldn’t clash with the Main Lover.

7- Pray to fall for a Woman who is better than the one you already fall for and watch God do wonders for you.
Its better to be with yours than to be with another.

8- Do not engage in sending her romantic text messages or calling her at odd hours. This may create crisis in her already existing relationship.

9- Avoiding saying nasty an ugly things about her just to tarnish her image simply because you cant have her as your girlfriend.

10- If your in a position in future to help her or even her man to become better in future, do not hesitate to do it. Show her that your different and don’t subject her to Have sex with you before you can render help to her. Finally, consider the fact that you can still love a Girl without being in a romantic relationship with her.
The most beautiful aspects of love like affection, trust and mutual enjoyment in each others company can be possible without romance or sex.

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