I AM looking for an opposition that wants to help me develop Zambia.

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he is ready to work with opposition leaders on matters that are of national interest to the nation and of developmental value with the opposition provided they do not dwell on non objective political agendas.

President Lungu said his doors remain open for dialogue with people who recognise that he is President as has been declared by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Courts of law.

The head of state was speaking at City Airport before his departure to Mongu to attend the Kuomboka ceremony; “What is it I am going to discuss with them if they say I am not President… I have no difficulties with the opposition but they should bring issues which are objective and national in character,” he said.

“If they are crying foul that they are robbed off the victory its not for me to decide its for the courts of law and ECZ, I am willing to meet anybody but there should be an agenda.”

He emphasised that if UPND wanted to politick they should wait till 2021 because for him it was not time to politick.

And on the murder of the ZAF soldier in police custody President Lungu who is the commander in chief of armed forces said investigations have been completed and a report has been handed over to him.

The ZAF Officer Mark Choongwa, 34, a flight sergeant died in police custody at Woodlands police station after he was allegedly brutally beaten by other inmates.

The death of the soldier raised public outcry prompting President Lungu to order for a joint inquiry in the matter between the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs.

However, President Lungu noted that he was not a prosecutor but would let the law takes its course to all who had been accused.

By:: Andrew P/ Lusaka


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Sat Apr 8 , 2017

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