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We all know that higher education or university financing is very expensive, to this fact, many students in the old times resorted to students Bursaries, scholarships and grants. Unfortunately, that’s gone now. Sadly again, the job corporate ladders are full of already working people . In government, this is not all, the retirement age has also been increased. The future of certain if not most of university programmes is vivid. It’s sad that the introduction of student loans has been not so well analysed, because the government will not manage to employ each and every student on a student loan nor find employment for each one of them. I think the government should have introduced student loans for those people or students in the old days. This is because there was shortage of man power hence their probability of getting employed was high. This would have made government save that money to give others after they pay back this is not the case today. Now sadly if youths fail to pay youth empowerment loans what guarantee does the government have that they will pay back? And will the government find employment for each youth on a student loan? Or will the government only give student loans to students doing programmes promising employment? If so, won’t every student start to do the same Student Loan valid courses? It’s quiet a hard time that many youths should start transforming and learn to be self dependant through creativity and strong entrepreneurial skills. If one youth can set up a company they end up giving employment to others with acquired skill. Just like that. It’s a cycle. Other wise we need wise policy makers to rise to this challenge and really address this issue of student loans. Let’s not have a government dependant syndrome. If am wrong anywhere I deserve to be corrected.

by:: Nkumbu Sikaona


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