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Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says he is disappointed with the slow pace at which Luanshya Copper Mines is handling the case involving over 1,600 miners at Baluba Mine who were sent on forced leave last year.
Dr Kambwili has wondered why only 43 miners have so far been recalled while over one thousand are still waiting.
He added that despite the copper prices selling at over six thousand dollars per tonne, the Chinese owned mining firm has still maintained the low pace at which it is recalling workers.
Speaking when he addressed some former miners in Luanshya on Wednesday, Dr. Kambwili disclosed that he was dispatching a team of twelve former miners to Lusaka to meet Vice President Inonge Wina and Minister of Mines Chistopher Yaluma over the matter.
The Roan Member of Parliament hopes that once the former miners meet the Vice President and the Mines Minister, a lasting solution will be found.
Last month, Luanshya Copper Mines Spokesperson Sydney Chileya said that 150 miners from the one thousand six hundred miners sent on forced leave will be recalled by the end of this month.
Mr. Chileya said 43 miners were recalled in the first week of February and the remaining miners would be recalled in groups until they reach 150.
He said the decision to recall the miners was aimed at reviving the slag treatment plant where Luanshya Copper Mines has pumped in three million dollars.