Days were like months for Tom because everytime he was just thinking about what will come.

Days were like months for Tom
because everytime he was just thinking about what will
After one week Mr Tom Banda
started looking for grace but could not find her because as a
school girl she did not even have
a phone.
Day number 11 they met and here is what she told him
“i thought about it and my
answer is no because am a school girl and my parents are looking up to me”
Grace come on, but you
promised to come with a positive answer?
What is happening? He asked
“I think we can just be friends
and not anything more than that please!” said Grace
Tom was confused and did not know what to do, so he looked at Grace for a minute without saying anything and said, “Okay lets discuss this tomorrow”
Immediately after Tom left, the
girls who were coming behind, started running towards Grace,
“hey Grace what were you discussing with the police man?”
“he was proposing me so i just told him to forget about me coz am a school girl” she said
After that her friends started
loughing at her, when asked what they were loughing, here is what they said,
“you are missing an opportunity
that comes once in life, Do you
know how many ladies are looking for this opportunity?
Grace think twice before you
Mr Tom Banda was a very focused person who believe that, Failure is not failing to hit your target but failure is, not trying again or not trying to stand when you fall down, You become a failure when you give up
Grace muleya was also a person
who believed that, One stick of matches can destroy 10 000 trees. Meaning one mistake can disturb her education
Grace continued to refuse mr Tom banda, the man who loved her so much.
After one year she entered grade
12 and was very excited since it
was the last year to be at chipata
day secondary school
The first team was very nice for
Grace because she was given a
number of presents from teachers who were happy with her academic performance
Her parents were also happy, so they gave her a very nice phone as a present
One day her father (mr muleya)
received a call from one of his
brothers in lusaka, who was inviting all of them for his
wedding which was surpose to take place the following week
Grace was very excited to go and
attend the wedding, she washed her clothes and was very ready to go
Unfortunately on the last minute,
his father changed his mind and said, “Grace am sorry my dear, you will not go with us but you must take care of our house”
“we are going, grace be a good
girl and everything will be good”
this was her father telling her It was painful for Grace as she watched them going, and her eyes were just dropping tears
It was around 15hrs when Grace
received a call from his dad
Hallo yes dad…
“no am sorry this is not your dad,
my name is Doctor james, your
mum and dad have been involved in a road accident, your mum died on the spot but your father is still alive but he is in a critical condition”
To be continued in part 3