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Middlemen and agents have contributed to the high prices of fuel in the country, Zambia Micro and Small Scale Traders Cooperative Foundation (ZAMAST) has observed.

Written by on July 25, 2020

ZAMAST Muchinga Province Coordinator, Josephat Chitimbwa, said in an interview that Government should instead start trading directly with suppliers.

He said trading direct with suppliers or Government to Government would cut on some expenses and result in affordable prices of oil products.

Mr Chitimbwa said fuel was an important commodity as it was one of the drivers of the economy.

“We would like to call on Government to cut off agents and middlemen in the procurement of oil, these agents who pose as suppliers are into business and would want to make profits.” He said

“Therefore, Government incur extra costs by dealing with them as opposed to dealing directly with the sources.” he said.

He said the country was undergoing economic difficulties and hence the need to ensure that unnecessary costs were avoided.

Mr Chitimbwa said Government should cut on the number of companies procuring goods and services even on the other sectors so as to reduce on expenses.

“Fuel is an important commodity in the economy and high cost of fuel results in high cost of doing business.” He said.

Government should find means of ensuring that prices are reduced such as cutting off agents and middlemen and use of cheaper means of transport such as Tazara,” Mr Chitimbwa said.

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