Communique Necrologique

Chers  Freres, Soeurs et Cher (e)s Ami(e)s, C’est avec un Coeur rempli de tristesse que la famille Wamana (Jose et Nathalie Wamana) nous annonce le deces de Papa Albert Muagissa, pere de […]

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Julia A. Fufkova

Good afternoon. Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio. It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I can not imagine my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens to your radio. Wanted to ask a few souvenirs from your wonderful radio for my family. With thanks and best wishes your regular listener. Good luck to you all!

Your Radiofan

Julia A. Fufkova

Spirovo, Russia

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