PF cadres have allegedly assaulted UPND cadres at the burial of the late UPND social media activist Clance Zulu.
BELOW IS A POLICE STATEMENT LUSAKA, 24TH JUNE, 2017 – Police received four cases of Assault OABH which occurred today on 24th June 2017
around 13:00 hours at memorial park in a confusion between UPND and PF cadres. The names of the victims are Hambote Christopher of chalala, Arnold spatula of unknown residence, Mulungu Jones of Salama Park and Samoa Davies of chalala. All victims sustained head injuries and have since been issued with medical reports. The incident happened when suspected UPND and PF Cadres who were burying their party members started exchanging insults which later resulted into a fight. The first incidence happened on the northern side of
memorial park where PF Cadres were burying their member. Police officers were called in but both UPND and PF cadres
were accusing each other to have provoked the situation. The second incidence happened when PF Cadres approached memorial park from the wall fence separating memorial park and Old leopard hill cemetery, where UPND members were awaiting the body of their member.

The PF cadres started throwing stones at UPND cadres which led to another confusion. A lot of people who had their programs at memorial park got caught up in the fracas. In the process, one motor vehicle belonging to PF was set ablaze. More information will follow as officers are still on the ground. ESTHER MWAATA KATONGO ZAMBIA POLICE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER