Violence at the hands of PF cadres has emerged in Chipata with followers and employees of Andrich Company belonging to Andrew Lubusha the PF Provincial Chairboy for Eastern Province beating up people suspected to be against his I’ll leadership.

The group of hooligans is been lead by Gespasio Nkowani one of his Directors, Remmy Mtonga a call boy at Kapata market who recently killed a villager with a vehicle but Police failed to arrest him,A boy called Masile and Donald a civil servant-teacher by profession.
This team yesterday beat up Frank Chilufya son to Chishala Chilufya a close friend to RB and his now the MMD Chairperson for Agriculture.

Another person beaten is a Ashraf.
The brutal team is moving with several vehicle’s in Chipata looking for people who are suspected to be against Lubusha’s leadership.

Meanwhile, the same team reported Enoch Ngoma to the police saying he doesn’t want to recognise Edgar Lungu as we speak he is at Kapata Police Post after locking him up.