Police arrest a lusaka man for impersonating a RATSA officer and obtaining money by false pretences

Arnold Malikita aged 33 of house no 51/70 John laing compound in lusaka has been arrested for masquerading as a RATSA officer.
RATSA public relations officer Frederick mubanga has disclosed the matter to the media saying the named man has allegedly been collecting money from members of the public purporting to be a RATSA officer.
Mubanga says Malikita has since been arrested and charged for impersonating as a RATSA officer and obtaining money by false pretences.
It is alleged that Malikita who was released on bail on 23rd September 2016 for obtaining money by false pretence using the name cris kakoma did receive about k5000 from a man whose only identified as pastor James and he also received k3000 from the pastors friend mubanga says.
It is also alleged that Malikita received k2000 from unsuspecting female as part payment for the sale of motor vehicles.
It is further alleged that the man in question told his clients that the minister of transport and communications had directed RATSA to auction motor vehicles whose owners failed to pay customs duty at border posts, of which he claimed to be in charge. And that only those who made part payments were eligible for the auction sale.
Upon failing to secure the vehicles, he told the clients that RATSA would only sale motor vehicles once the minister of transport and communications returned from a trip he had accompanied president lungu on national duty.
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