I have, thrice, watched the speech of President Lungu during labour day celebrations and I want to commend his social media team who are doing extremely well to cover most of President Lungu’s activities.
The speech was not so highly political though, the President expressed his political concern on the current tension between the himself and President Hakainde Hichilema (HH). I will come back to this issue, in another article, to give my reaction over what the President said.
The President reiterated his call for effective leadership at all levels of work. However, President Lungu’s leadership falls far below the expectations of many Zambians.
The ineffectiveness of President Lungu trickles down from his ministers down to the the person collecting cabbage. The character of a President re-vibrates to all corners of the Country because he is like the the thrust from where the energy sprout from like lava from a volcano.
Take a look at the performance of his Ministers and other senior Govt officers who are under his (President Lungu) direct supervision.
It is the public domain on how the Minister of Agriculture failed to live up to the expectations of farmers in relation to FISP and crop marketing which is still a challenge.
The Minister of Labour is another lukewarm officer who has let down many citizens in her ineffective approach to labour issues.
Felix Mutati at Ministry of Finance is trying his best but look at how many payments are pending causing terrible suffering among the business community and the workers. The Minister has even failed to live up to his word to open Intermarket Bank so that depositors can have access to their money.
Of course there are other ministers who are doing pretty well, with one big surprise of Bowman Lusambo, who seems to have done quite well in his confused approach, but thing are working.
The theme was centered on securing decent work for sustainable socio-economic development. The President quoted the International Labor Organization (ILO) guide on what decent work is.
ILO guided that, in decent work there should be opportunities and production; security and social protection for families; it should have prospects for personal development and social integration and FREEDOM for people to express themselves .
Clearly, there are no opportunities in Zambia for people to get jobs and become productive. The few jobs are being given to the privileged few who happen to have connections to those in power.
Many Zambians are failing to develop themselves in skills and economically because there are no prospects unless one is a PF cadre. Cadres are the ones who are developed and economically empowered otherwise even university lecturers are struggling to make earns meet.
The worst phenomenon is that, people’s rights, especially workers are being taken away by political polarization. Unless one sings a PF song, praising President Lungu he or she will have no job.
In the recent passed many people have been laid off or put on demotion transferred for being perceived as anti-PF or UPND. There is no freedom and worker’s rights unless you are a PF cadre. This is very sad and the President ought to be more coherent.
The PF Govt has even gone to an extent of closing down media houses like The Post, causing job losses to over 2000 workers, to silence a critical voice.
The cost of living is going up, in spite of low inflation rate, people’s buying power has reduced causing serious economic stress.
Govt help to citizens, such as small scale miners and other businesses is scarce causing many local businesses to go down, so the President seems to be speaking out of ignorance.
Generally, I would say that, the President said nothing new to inspire a hopeful youth looking for a job, or a worker struggling to balance his budget, or a businessman fighting to run and grow his business, let alone, where our economy is expected to grow to create jobs and and bring about socio-economic development.
I can assure you that, come 2021, if EEP is voted into power, such days, will be for proper policy initiation, review, change and motivation for all workers and the business sector, both public and private, to smile and rejuvenated.