Received from our readers in kitwe

In Chingola, Kasompe to be specific there is a man who runs a night club in the area which he uses as a front but he is involved in many shoddy deals. He has even hired thugs to take care of his dirty jobs, as i am writing to you one mans is about to lose his life. He has instructed his criminals to abduct him and kill him. He has tunnels at his home, he has people who steal diesel and other things for him, simply say he is the mafia boss of kasompe. My major worry is the safety of this innocent man who is now on the run and stays indoors fearing for his life. There is so much going on and most youths girls and boys are being involved in different dirty Jobs. Please if you have copperbelt police headquarter and Lusaka central commanding cell numbers inbox me so we can save this community. Even kasompe post was informed that this man is being stoked. I will inbox as i gather more facts.

That is the sad story coming from kitwe. The investigation team will be instituted in the matter above.

By Andrew P/ Lusaka