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Minister of Health, Dr Chilufya accused of single-sourcing cholera and other drugs from a Chinese firm

And ZPBF has written to Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, demanding the cancellation of tender number MoH/SP/016/17, among others, which was not subjected to open and inclusive bidding.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya expressed anger at this reporter when he was challenged to explain the concerns raised by ZPBF, saying he would not engage the media on a matter that should have been dealt directly with aggrieved parties.

And a whistleblower has narrated how Medical Stores Limited has engaged a named Chinese company situated along Cha-cha-cha Road to supply drugs, which do not go through quality checks as per standard requirement.

But Medical Stores Limited public relations officer Patricia Ndulinda asked the reporter to provide supporting documents relating to the allegation before she could respond to the press query.

In a letter dated November 8, 2017 addressed to ZPPA director, the ZPBF observed that the Ministry of Health was deviating from the Public Procurement Act restricting the award of tenders for the supply of drugs to selected pharmaceutical companies.

“We acknowledge that the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) is the overseer of the procurement processes in this country and that the public procurement process and regulatory framework in Zambia are governed by the 2008 Public Procurement Act.”

“The core principles of this Act relate to transparency, accountability, fairness, integrity and the need to promote competition to obtain value for money. The purpose of this communication is to bring to your attention that we have recently observed deviations from the Public Procurement Act in our line ministry, the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health has been intentionally limiting participation in tenders for pharmaceutical and medical suppliers by sending invitations to the short list of selected companies in a closed tender process. This practice of a limited bidding is the trend MoH has been using for over a year,” read the letter in parts.
ZPBF listed some of the questionable tenders.

“Tender for the supply of essential medicines, tender No MoH/SP/O16/17; estimated value of more than US$80 million. Tender for the supply of cancer drugs, tender No MoH/SP/009/17; estimated value of more than US$40 million. The award of 2 year framework for Orthopedic Implants.”

ZPBF further requested to know what measures the Authority had put in place to prevent conflicts of interest in an event where some members of the evaluation committee at the ministry had some relationships with drug suppliers.

“As ZPPA provides regulatory oversight of procurement processes, we would appreciate clarification on the procurement methods and processes considered appropriate for the Ministry of Health to adhere to; and in particular what criteria is used in determining the choice of the closed bidding process. Kindly also indicate to us the predefined threshold values stipulated for the different procurement methods and processes.”

“We are also aware that some members of the evaluation committee may have relationships with some suppliers. Should this be the case, we would like to know what measures ZPPA has put in place to prevent conflicts of interests and ensure integrity, transparency and fairness in assessment of the bids. We strongly feel that any conflict of interest should be investigated and dealt with sternly,” the letter read in part.

ZPBF wondered why the ministry was sidelining qualified companies from taking part in the tender process.

“There are currently, on the Zambia Medicine Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) over 100 registered Pharmaceutical companies who are manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, International supplier agents and importers of quality registered pharmaceutical products and medical supplies with established track record who are qualified and capable of participating in tenders. This prevailing method of procurement has potential to kill local industry which this government has been trying to develop,” stated ZPBF.
In another letter addressed to the Permanent Secretary, ZPBF requested the ministry to cancel tender number MoH/SP/016/17 and subject it to open bidding.

“We refer to the above-mentioned tender for essential medical supplies and would like to raise our concerns over the way this tender has been announced only to some restricted bidders. As a forum representing the local pharmaceutical manufacturers, importers and wholesalers we urge you to cancel this tender as restricted only to few bidders and call for an open competitive tender.”

“Looking at the list of requirements in the above-mentioned tender, we are sure that this tender cannot be called as an emergency tender to fill the gap in the supply chain for the following reason, (I) some items listed in the tender are being manufactured locally and some are readily available with the importers who have got marketing authorisation from ZAMRA, (ii) the quantities listed are huge and cannot be declared as an emergency requirement,” read the letter signed by ZPBF chairperson Ruth Mudondo, copied to the Minister of Finance, ZPPA, ZAMRA, Medical Stores and Minister of Health.

But when asked to give the ministry’s position on the allegations, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Kennedy Malama referred the matter to minister Chilufya, who expressed disgust at the reporter.

“Go back to ZPBF and ask them if that’s their position, if that is their position, send them here. They don’t need a middleman, if they have concerns, let them come here. We will not engage through the media. So go and tell them to say ‘does this represent you?’ if yes, come, let’s go where the minister stays and let them come here. As partners that is what happens. If you are genuinely concerned, there is a problem, come we engage. If the facts are wrong, we correct you or we guide you and if the facts are correct, then we tell you this is important for us to strengthen our systems,” Dr Chilufya said.

“That is how partnership work, they don’t engage through the media. So I am afraid if they engaged through you, I am not going to engage them through you, that I am not going to do. If they want to engage me, let them come.”

When reminded that ZPBF had already written to him over their concerns, Dr Chilufya walked away saying “I have said enough, I will not talk to you on that one.”

In a related case, a whistleblower narrated how medical stores is getting supplies from some companies which do not subject drugs to quality check.

“The director of pharmaceutical standards a Ms Annie Zulu, is in charge of Medical Stores laboratory and quality assurance departments. But you should ask MSL what relationship she has with a supplying company called VL Pharmaceuticals Healthnet which is along Cha cha cha road plot 58/1 owned by some Chinese.”

“You need to find out why she is not declaring interest if she is connected to this company. Most of the products supplied by some of these companies do not even go through quality checks as per requirement, before being supplied to the health facilities. Some of them are returned only at facility level once they start changing colour. The health of the citizens in compromised as this is against good pharmaceutical practices,” said the whistleblower.

“This issue has been brought to the attention of the current Managing Director, a Mr Chikuta Mbewe, but he has not done anything. Also, their is a supply of chlorine 250mls which has been done by another company located in Meanwood chamber valley which has failed QC, but a go ahead has been given to receive supplies from this company.”


Zambia: 2018 School calendar delayed by Cholera outbreak

According to a joint statement by Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya and his education counterpart Dennis Wanchinga, the re-opening of schools countrywide has been deferred until further notice.

“We have had an outbreak of cholera from October 6, 2017 and it has affected mainly Lusaka Province and we have recorded sporadic cases in various parts of the country,” says Dr Chilufya.

So, this is an important measure and will apply to all schools nationally and we will be able to review this decision by January 30, 2018. This period will allow us to work with the authorities in the schools to look at water and sanitation facilities, correct them where need be and so there is a task force that is wor”
“We have recorded a total of 2047 cases and Lusaka alone is accounting for 2000 cases. Cumulatively, we have recorded 50 deaths, with Lusaka accounting for 47 deaths. We have mounted a robust multi-sectoral approach involving various sectors.

Dr Chilufya has issued a Statutory Instrument N0. 79 of 2017 which evokes provisions of the Public Health Act to ensure that the spread of the outbreak and loss of life is prevented.

He said deferring the re-opening of the schools countrywide was to avoid many gatherings in various educational facilities.

“There are children who are coming from areas which we are describing as the epicenters of the epidemic and they will be mixing with children from other areas. There may be cross contamination and that may escalate the epidemic.

“There are also children that will be coming from the epicenters in Lusaka who may need to travel to boarding schools outside Lusaka to various parts of the country. So, we will suddenly be having a possibility of carriers and this disease will spread in various parts of the country and will spiral out of control.

The decision will be reviewed at the end of this month.

“So, this is an important measure and will apply to all schools nationally and we will be able to review this decision by January 30, 2018. This period will allow us to work with the authorities in the schools to look at water and sanitation facilities, correct them where need be and so there is a task force that is working to ensure that water facilities, sanitation facilities in the schools is in good shape.”

This week, President Edgar Lungu deployed the army to help ‘escalate effort’ by the ministry of health to contain the cholera outbreak.

In a Facebook post, the president said he had determined that ‘emergency steps needed to be taken’ after reviewing the ongoing interventions by the health ministry.
Dr Chilufya said his ministry would broadcast key messages to raise awareness to improve personal hygiene by school children before schools re-opened, in addition to rolling out a vaccination programme.

“This will help reduce the spread of the disease. We are targeting to begin vaccination within the next seven to 10 days and we are going to vaccinate an initial number of two million people and we hope to reach four million. This will give us an opportunity to continue correcting the issue of access to clean and safe water. Let’s be mindful that the drivers of this epidemic include consumption of contaminated water and food, poor waste management, and poor personal hygiene practices. These must be addressed,” said Dr Chilufya.

Education minister Dennis Wanchinga said postponing the re-opening of schools due to the cholera outbreak was an important decision to make.

By: Daniel Mumbere via AfricaNews


ZAMBIAN notable Prophet Willy Munyeta who has been acknowledged by performing shocking miracles, inspiring messages and uttering accurate prophecies equally national and international. Prophet Willy Munyeta is alleged to be the leader of All for Christ Ministries International Church which has branches in Zambia and India. Following Jesus Christ’s command to heal the sick and cleanse the lepers, the Lord has been performing miracles, signs and wonders through the hand of Prophet Willy Munyeta . Last year December, the man of God delivered a woman in Zambia who had been mentally disordered for 23 years and early this year Prophet Munyeta delivered a 30 year old man in Blantyre, Malawi who had been mentally disordered for 24 years.

This time around through the power of the Holy Spirit, it has been testified that Prophet Willy Munyeta prayed for a woman in Siavonga District, Zambia who has been identified as Lister Malama popularly known as bana Kasonde who had a broken right arm bone. Reports states that on the unknown date the woman was involved in the road accident by collapsing from a moving vehicle which later resulted in her breaking her right hand bones due to this scandal she was unable to do what she by and large used to do. However, when the man of God came in contact with her on the road he felt compassion on her and stretched his hand towards her and prayed.

All of a sudden the woman’s broken bones attached to each other miraculously and she praised the name of the Lord. Few days later, she underwent another X-ray examination that proved that the bones had been back to their normal position. Well, this shocked the doctors and those that knew her previous condition. Currently the woman broken arm bone is normally functioning.


James Kabaso 20th May, 2017
The Republican President
Dear Sir,

Your Excellency, greeting to you and the People Zambia in the name of Jesus.
Sir, owing to the current debates going on in Zambia concerning Christianity, I would like to review a number of things before our Country becomes an anti-Christ State.
Mr. President, in the early days of the church in Zambia, David Livingstone the greatest missionary of that time laid a Christian foundation stone upon Zambia. This was reaffirmed by Dr.Chiluba who declared Zambia as Christian nation.
Since then this declaration has been active. In 2011 president Sata Promised to rule Zambia by the Ten Commandments which many Zambian Christian welcomed.

While President Sata was sick, God picked you from the many Zambians to continue the mandate of President Sata in a miraculous way which shocked all those who thought it was their time to become Presidents of Zambia. Dr.Guy Scout who was the Vice president and Acting President then tried a lot of schemes to stop you from being President of Zambia but because the Favour of God was upon you ,Guy Scout and his Friends failed to get the Mantle of Presidency which God transferred to you when President Sata was sick.
Your Excellency, You recall that on the eve of you filling your nominations 2015 elections, a group of Pastors and Bishops presided over your reconciliation with Guy Scout and from that time these Bishop think they did you a favor to become President of Zambia which is not true. With or without these Bishops you were already PRESIDENT.
Your Excellency, from that time to date, we have seen these Bishops and Pastors stealing all Christian activities involving Government in our country. As if that was not enough, these Bishops recommended building the National of House of Prayer which Bishop Joshua Banda is the CEO. Further these Bishops with preconceived motives recommended Ministry of Religious affairs and Rev.Godfridah Sumaili as minister.
Your Excellency, since then, these Bishops, have been using the Minister of Religious Affairs to push their selfish agendas. These Bishops and Pastors have made evil recommendation to the Minister of Religious Affairs who is their “spiritual Daughter”.
Sir, these Bishops have written a doctrine which many Christians in Zambia should follow and failure to which their Ministries will be closed. These bishops have made the following evil idea to bring down the Ministry of Jesus in Zambia.
1. They have told the minister of Religious Affairs to burn churches from worshipping form schools when them used the same schools when their churches were small.
2. They have told the minister that for anyone to become a Pastor, he should have a grade twelve certificate and a diploma in theology but I wonder if God only uses grade twelve and diploma holders.
3. They have told the minister that any church doing deliverance (praying for people) must be stopped.
4. They have told the minister that Prophets are not allowed in Zambia just because these Bishops do not believe in the Prophetic ministry of JESUS.
5. The Bishops with their Mother Bodies have even gone further restricting the registration of Churches in Zambia when In’ganga (witches and wizards) are allowed to register and conduct their business in Zambia
6. The Bishops have gone further restricting the operations of those called by Jesus in the Prophetic ministry when Muslims are free to operate in Zambia.
Your Excellency the list of schemes by these Bishops and Pastors are many to list here.
Sir, the Body of Christ is being destroyed by these Bishops through the Religious affairs minister who have an hidden agenda of trashing your image that Government is against the Church in ZAMBIA.
Sir, if you recall very well, 8 People died when the church of God wanted to preach and give food to people at Youth Development centre. The death of the people at YDC was caused by the Minister of Religious Affairs and these Bishops who instructed the police to displace people who were waiting for Pastors to minister to them. They gave an instruction to the Police displace armless people by all means which in return resulted into a stampede which killed 8 people and the blame was hipped on the Church of God. The Church of God wanted to feed people and preach the word of God as Jesus did when he fed 5,000 men.

Your Excellency, these Bishops and the Minister of Religious affairs are against the apostolic and the Prophetic ministries of Jesus hence restricting prophets and other Men of God coming to Zambia. If you read the Bible in Ephesians 4:1-13 the Bible says
As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. 4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called;5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6 one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.
7 But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.8 This is why it[a] says: “When he ascended on high,
he took many captives
and gave gifts to his people.”[
9 (What does “he ascended” mean except that he also descended to the lower, earthly regions[c]? 10 He who descended is the very one who ascended higher than all the heavens, in order to fill the whole universe.) 11 So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, 12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 13 until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ,
Your Excellency, if it is Jesus who appointed, some to be Apostles, some Prophets, some Evangelists, some Pastors and some teachers? Who is the minister of religious affairs and these Bishops to stop other men of God from preaching the Word of God in Zambia? Sir, 1st Corinthians 13:32-33 the Bible says The spirits of prophets are subject to the control of prophets. 33 For God is not a God of disorder but of peace—as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people.
Yes Prophecy is for Prophets, Apostolic for Apostles, Evangelism for evangelists, preaching for Pastors and Teaching for teachers but surprisingly enough These Bishops and the Minister of Religious Affairs are calling other Men of God as false prophets and Magicians just because they have hidden agendas of bringing your name down that president Edgar Lungu does like Prophets and other men of God in Zambia.).
Sir, Reverend Sumaili is a minister of all religions, such as Christians,budist,Muslims, alcutism, and witches and wizards but surprisingly enough this minister under the instructions from Her Bishops are only fighting fellow Christians. They have left witches and wazards to operate shrines all over Zambia. Ideed Sir,this is the spirit of ANTI-CHRIST. What benchmark is the minister of religious affairs and Bishops using to call other men of God fake? What about them? Rev.Sumaili and these Bishops have taken the place of GOD to judge other people of God indeed these people are not different from SAUL who persecuted the church in those days.
Sir, I would like to report to you as the Father of our beloved country that Reverend Sumaili and these Bishops are killing Jesus again and removing the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. In THOSE DAYS Jesus was not killed by Muslims or pagans per say- He was killed by People from the Church Matthew 27:20 But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas and to have Jesus executed. The chief priests in Zambia are Rev.Sumaili and the Bishops behind her. As as a GOD fearing President you can serve the Church from these PEOPLE.

Sir, the People who killed Jesus understood the Bible word by word but because they were filled with envy and jealous like these Bishops and a Reverend in the name of a Minister, they managed to kill Jesus but not the Word of God.
The Bible says Touch not my anointed ones and do no harm to my Prophets this is the word of God. The Bible again in 2chronicles 20:20, says have faith in GOD and you shall be established and have faith in his Prophets and you shall prosper. Bibilically,Prophetes are linked to prosperity. Sir the Bible which Reverend Sumaili and these Bishops are pretending to understand better than Moses and Elijah was written by Prophets and Apostles. Who is Bishop Joshua Banda, who is Reverend Pukuta Mwanza? Who is Reverend Sumaili to stop the move of the spirit of God in Zambia. They are nothing. God killed Herod when he wanted to stop the ministry of Jesus.
Below are just a few of the miracles performed in the Bible by Prophets of God.
1. Moses used a rod to divide the red sea.
2. Elijah called fire from heaven.
3. Elisha multiplied the little oil into a lot of OIL for the widow
4. Elisha multiplied little flour into a lot of flour when she fed the prophet
5. Jesus himself turned water into wine,
6. Jesus fed 5,000 with people with two loaves of bread and five fish.
7. Jesus made miracle money from the mouth of the fish to pay taxes etc
All the above who did these miracles were all Prophets. If all these things happened in Zambia, these prophets would have been called magicians. Jesus would have been called by Bank of Zambia to explain where he got money to put in the mouth of the fish. Elisha would have been questioned by ERB to explain where he got the oil for the widow.
Your Excellency, God says silver and Gold is mine, God through his Prophets cannot fail to bless his people? We need prophets of God to pray for people in our Country but in Zambia Prophets are not allowed.
Your Excellency am calling on you to stop the Minister of Religious Affairs and her Bishops to stop the evil acts otherwise the rough of God will come up on Zambia. The hail storm we experienced in Lusaka last week which destroyed Tomatoes worth K500, 000 is just the beginning.
Fire the Minister of Religious Affairs and abolish that ministry as there is nothing Christian about that ministry. Zambia is a Christian Nations. Religion is not Christianity. DO SOMETHING SIR BEFORE WE PERISH IN Zambia because of Rev.Sumaili and her Bishops
God Bless you God Bless Zambia.
CC: All pastors in Zambia
CC: All catholic Bishops
CC: All Zambians


Zambia taste victory at 2017 U20 World Cup

African champions Zambia made a dream start to their 2017 FIFA Under-20 World Cup campaign with a 2-1 victory over two-time global winners Portugal in their Group C clash in Jeju on Sunday.

Second-half goals from Edward Chilufya and Fashion Sakala gave Young Chipolopolo the win, after they had at times weathered a Portuguese storm in an entertaining match in which there were 35 attempts on goal between the sides, split almost evenly down the middle.

Portugal pulled a goal back in the first minute of injury-time at the end of the game through Helder, but were made to pay for missed opportunities in the match.

The better chances in the opening half fell to the European side, though neither goalkeeper was unduly troubled.

Portugal playmaker Xadas forced a save from Zambia gloveman Mangani Banda with a shot on the half-volley from outside of the area that was comfortable in the end for the keeper.

At the other end the best opportunity fell to Conlyde Luchanga, who got away a thunderous strike that was straight at Portugal keeper Diogo Costa and he was able to beat the effort away.

Zambia received a blow shortly before halftime when leading forward Patson Daka was replaced by Emmanuel Banda after he took a blow to the mouth and was left bloodied.

There was a final chance in the half for the Portuguese as Xadas’ searching cross to the back post was turned goalward by Diogo Goncalves, but Moses Nyondo was on hand to provide a timely block.

Sakala created a half-chance for himself with a run and shot that was saved by Costa. But minutes later they were in front as Chilufya, the youngest member of the Zambia squad at 17, turned the ball home after Enock Mwepu’s initial shot from the edge if the box was parried into his path by Costa.

Banda then made an excellent stop low to his left after Andre Ribeiro’s shot was deflected and looked to be arrowing into the bottom corner.

Goncalves missed an excellent chance for the equaliser when he skied his shot from six-yards as Portugal piled on the pressure, with Gedson the latest to shoot over with time and space on the edge of the box.

Xadas should have hit the target from 12-yards following another sweeping Portugal move, while at the other end, Costa was almost deceived by a 30-yard dipping effort from Emmanuel Banda. Having moments earlier blasted wide from a good position, Sakala did extend Zambia’s advantage on 76 minutes when he danced past two Portuguese defenders and beat Costa at his near post.

Zambia looked as though they would keep a clean sheet until deep into injury-time when Xande Silva’s shot was only parried by keeper Banda, and Helder turned home the loose ball.

Next up for Zambia is a meeting with Iran on Wednesday, while Portugal take on Costa Rica.

FINALLY: Police Charge UPND MP Keith Mukata, Wife With Murder

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested and charged United Party for National Development (UPND) Chilanga Member of Parliament (MP) Keith Akekelwa Mukata,45, and his wife Charmine Musonda Mukata,37, for murder.
Zambia Police Service Spokesperson Mrs. Esther Mwaata Katongo has told Mwebantu.
“Mr Keith Mukata and wife Charmine were yesterday, 11th May, 2017 jointly charged with Murder which is contrary to section 200 of Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia and the docket has been pushed to National Prosecutions Authority for further dealing. They remain in police custody; however, Charmine fell ill and was taken to a private hospital where she is admitted.” She said.

Source: Tumfweko.com


Yes, Bakaketa, Ba Edgar Lungu, your dressing is fantastic but you would look much better if your inside (the heart and conscious) is as smart as your clothing.
Call me bitter, but it is because you have been a big disappointment. I will run you through your bad acts, starting with HH whom you have incarcerated, just to fix him for refusing to recognize you are President because he believes that you rigged the election.

I have said it more than once that, according to me, and many election observers, elections were free and fair, however, forcing HH to accept the results in the manner that you are doing, is unjust, inhuman and unchristian.

We may not like HH but criminalizing him in this manner is not acceptable and I refuse to be an accomplice to your evil deeds in the guise of enforcing the law.

I will dedicate this week to talk about how you have disappointed me…


Political commentator MacDonald Chipenzi says the failed attempt to impeach LAZ president Linda Kasonde was ill conceived and politically motivated.

Chipenzi has also praised Kasonde and her committee for allowing the motion of no confidence reach the floor where it was withdrawn by lead mover Kelvin Bwalya Fube.
KBF claimed the reason to withdraw the motion was to foster unity. However, indications suggest the movers were headed for an embarrassing defeat.


The news that a motion of “a vote of no confidence” against Linda Kasonde led Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has flopped through a withdraw from the sponsors is good news to many Zambians who want LAZ to continue providing its legal opinions on many national matters that require the Association’s voice.

The motion, I can term it as “ill conceived and politically motivated”. Nonetheless, Linda and her committee must be commended for being democrats by agreeing to convene an Extra ordinary General Meeting at the haste of the motion. In other organisations where tolerance and democracy ia non-existent, such would not have been allowed. Linda and her committee exercised good governance, democracy, maturity and wisdom hence their triumph.
It is now to be seen whether this act alone will not leave an intimidatory scar on LAZ to an extent of fearing to speak when needed to.

It is also my hope that after the withdraw, the sponsors of the motion would not revive their earlier scheme of sponsoring a private member’s bill to parliament on LAZ since there the tyranny of numbers can secure.
The motion, I can term it as “ill conceived and politically motivated”. Nonetheless, Linda and her committee must be commended for being democrats by agreeing to convene an Extra ordinary General Meeting at the haste of the motion.

In other organisations where tolerance and democracy ia non-existent, such would not have been allowed. Linda and her committee exercised good governance, democracy, maturity and wisdom hence their triumph.

It is now to be seen whether this act alone will not leave an intimidatory scar on LAZ to an extent of fearing to speak when needed to.

It is also my hope that after the withdraw, the sponsors of the motion would not revive their earlier scheme of sponsoring a private member’s bill to parliament on LAZ since there the tyranny of numbers can secure them unchallenged victory aimed at diluting the LAZ’s influence on legal matters.

Finally, it was mischievous to have accused LAZ of partisanship in favour of opposition because the same LAZ when it supported the referendum the same people accusing it today considered it neutral.

LAZ, aluta continua we re together in the defence of democracy, rule of law and good governance. Together, we celebrate your victory over the “vote of no confidence” against you.


CHURCH mother bodies have welcomed President Lungu’s planned meeting with them.President Lungu on Thursday said he will in due course meet Church mother bodies to discuss matters raised in a statement by Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) president Telesphore Mpundu

ZCCB secretary general Cleophus Lungu said in an interview yesterday that the Church, as alluded in the statement by archbishop Mpundu, is ready to dialogue.

And Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Pukuta Mwanza welcomed the planned meeting with a call on Government to frequently dialogue with the Church.

Reverend Mwanza said in an interview yesterday that Government and the Church should frequently meet and dialogue, regardless of the political situation in the nation.

Rev Mwanza said there is also need for the Church and Government to avoid engaging in altercations through the media.

He also called on the media to avoid publishing information that has potential to divide the nation, or lead to civil unrest.

“The media has an important role of disseminating information to the public but that information should be factual and objective enough not to promote anarchy in the nation,” Rev Mwanza said.

Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia (ISCZ) deputy president Musa Saidi described as a “bold mark of good leadership,” President Lungu’s decision to call for a meeting with the Church.

“We [ISCZ] are willing to be part of the dialogue if we are invited,” Sheikh Saidi said.

And in a separate interview, Independent Churches of Zambia board chairperson David Masupa welcomed the planned meeting and prayed that all church mother bodies will attend.

Zambia Education Telegraph

CBU Students set to open a Mega Company for unemployed graduates.

We will soon say bye to what has been the cry of many graduates in Zambia, “unemployment” as students find what seem to be the solution.

Students at the Copperbelt University have come up with an initiative of a multi-displinary Company, MASIA Graduate company, to be run by Graduates in different sectors.

The Company will allow graduates or any interested person from any sector to come up with business projects ( professional, scientific, technical etc), then the Company will source for funds to execute the project hence providing employment to the unemployed.

“Our vision is to create employment to many people beyond the expectations of the esteemed general public”, says Siamufunde Siachaluza, one of the founders, a fourth year student pursuing Bachelor’s of Mathematics. He further said that the Government has welcomed the move as it is the solution to one of the big problems it’s facing of creating employment.

He said that the company is getting well established and just making final touches to get started. He further explained the some of the leaders who are also students are in different parts of the country and some as far as China.

The company has set goals, among others is that it has to have more than five sub companies in the next ten years and employ about five thousand graduates.

The Company has further advised students not to focus on getting a job after graduation as job hunting will not only dilapidate their shoes but also a frustrating process seeing the statics of unemployment in the country is currently high. It has further advised all graduates to come on board and be part milestone economic achievement.

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Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Executive Director Charles Mulila has cautioned Mine owners and all those involved in the extraction of Minerals to be environmental conscious. Mr. Mulila charged that some players in the extractive industry have been negligent when it comes to environmental protection. He has since called on all who have involved in extraction of minerals to ensure that they live the environment better than they found it adding that environmental protection is the only sure way to secure a bright future for the generation’s to come.

Voices: Anonymous employee claims to have not yet been paid for two months

It been now 15 months we are yet to be paid for mobile registration (Insurance of NRCS), It seems things are still not alright at Minister of home affairs under the department of national registration, with employees claiming they are yet to be paid the sum of K30.000 for their work since last year.

One anonymous employee claims K30.000 from last year still haven’t arrived, and there’s no word or comment at all stating on when we are going to get paid because some of our colleague have even die leaving the money behind.

It’s got steadily worse since for us we can’t raise money for college fees, food and rent. Government pleases help us to resolve this issue, we want to know when we are going to get our money.

To be continued…