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The British Embassy closing down its offices: Zambians yet to pay another price over PF government and weaker policies

The British Embassy has informed the Patriotic Front Government that they are closing their operation in Zambia and will with immediate effect stop funding projects in Zambia.

Despite that Zambia was colonized by Britain, and that South Africa is less British, Zambians will have to go to South Africa to get British Visa if they are interested in traveling to UK.

According to sources at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Britain has notified the government that they are closing down all its operations in Zambia and that people will have to go to South Africa for VISAs.

The source explained that, the decision has been influenced by appalling violations of Human Rights by the PF government and weaker policies to tackle corruption and good governance among Government officials.

Usually, diplomatic ties between nations are ended when there is shift of allegiances between or among partners.

Currently, Zambia is advocating the pulling out of ICC and K2 million will be spent on ‘consulting’ people but countries with the idea of ICC remaining, think it is unnecessary and irresponsible for any Government to spend such monies to consult on whether or not to stop it’s leaders from being accountable of their acts.

The case of accountability of African leaders has often times been a topic of discussion by the Western powers.

African leaders on the other side accuse the ICC of selective Justice as a result some of them such as Robert Mugabe, Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, Joseph Kabila and Edgar Lungu want to be out of ICC.

Source: Zambianobserver