Earlier this morning the opposition UPND leader President Hakainde Hichilema went to Lusaka Central police to visit the arrested youth, Chellah Tukuta.

Unfortunately, the Police stopped him and his team from seeing him, stating that they are unaware of his whereabouts.

He later demanded to know his whereabouts and be made public as he is not a criminal.

He said that the PF cannot continue stepping their knees on both country’s economy and people’s fundamental human rights.

“We stand by every youth out there speaking out including government workers who cannot voice out for fear of being fired. And we demand that Chellah Tukuta be released immediately.” He said.

He also encouraged youths who stood outside the police station that it’s time for all of us including the youths to get involved and get things solved.

He emphasized that When he take over government next year, courtesy of people’s votes and through God’s will, citizens will be allowed to speak freely because that is their right.