Hakainde Hichilema has condemned the behavior of PF MPs in Parliament yesterday Wednesday 22nd March was deplorable beyond belief and left much to be desired. He says the conduct by the PF law makers lacked seriousness and purpose and shocked many Zambians who have been left wondering at the directionless leadership, the PF are subjecting the citizens to. 

Mr. Hakainde says UPND MPs presented what we considered was a non partisan and non contentious motion that sought to offer bursary or loan financial assistance to vulnerable university students who have been accepted and are already in class.

President Hakainde says he value the pf mps freedom of expression both inside and outside the house,he further said for UPND, that motion had nothing to do with whether we recognise the PF Government or not, as these are matters that are yet to be determined by the courts of laws. 

“What we expected was a bipartisan resolve to the motion as it affects the most vulnerable of our community.” He said. 

He further said that the motion was genuinely intended to assist our people through the provision of affordable educational opportunities to our youths regardless of their political affiliations, especially in view of the harsh economic difficulties our people are going through. 

Even when we may have political differences, there must be issues of common interest where we can come to some form of agreement, especially on issues of national interest such as the education of the youth who hold the future of this Nation. 

Our MPs are so far on record of having supported progressive motions in the house which have been passed without any acrimony and we expected our PF colleagues to also rise above board and reciprocate by supporting our progressive motions that are meant to benefit our people, especially the vulnerable youth.

He says what was even more shameful and absolutely appalling on the part of the PF law makers, was to completely trivialise the whole debate and narrow it into personal attacks and partisanship as opposed to addressing real issues that affect our citizens, with the seriousness it deserves. 

He says it is more sad the demeaning of our citizens currently trading in the markets, bus stops and the streets who the PF leadership refered to as ‘mere hooligans’ where any student who is considered as ‘indisciplined’ will be sent to join fellow hooligans selling in the markets and streets. 

He called such kind of deragotory remarks, arrogant language and assertions by the PF should leave no doubt in the minds of Zambians, that the PF are a retrogressive lot who have no interest of Zambians at heart.

He further said in UPND, theh would never regard their mothers, youths and other citizens trading in these areas as hooligans, but as citizens who need government support through the provision of affordable loan facilities, which they can use to grow their businesses and send their children to schools, colleges and universities.

He said,these are leaders who would rather charter luxury private jets, globetrotting at a huge expense to the treasury, instead of allocating resources to such needy and critical areas such as education, health and agriculture, that benefit the majority of our people. 

In our time, when such none partisan and none contentious motions meant to benefit our people will be brought to the house, our approach will be to sit down and find common ground that would be beneficial to the country, as opposed to looking at the face of who brought the motion on the floor.

We are so far impressed with the robust and passionate manner with which our MPs have debated on behalf of the suffering masses whose children have failed to access school, college and university education which have become unaffordable under the PF leadership.

Hakainde said they are now happy that the Zambian people will now be afforded an opportunity to judge for themselves, as to who has the integrity and credibility to stand on platforms and preach about morality in the country.

The statement was made available to media houses by the UPND President Mr. 

Hakainde Hichilema

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