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CBU Students set to open a Mega Company for unemployed graduates.

We will soon say bye to what has been the cry of many graduates in Zambia, “unemployment” as students find what seem to be the solution.

Students at the Copperbelt University have come up with an initiative of a multi-displinary Company, MASIA Graduate company, to be run by Graduates in different sectors.

The Company will allow graduates or any interested person from any sector to come up with business projects ( professional, scientific, technical etc), then the Company will source for funds to execute the project hence providing employment to the unemployed.

“Our vision is to create employment to many people beyond the expectations of the esteemed general public”, says Siamufunde Siachaluza, one of the founders, a fourth year student pursuing Bachelor’s of Mathematics. He further said that the Government has welcomed the move as it is the solution to one of the big problems it’s facing of creating employment.

He said that the company is getting well established and just making final touches to get started. He further explained the some of the leaders who are also students are in different parts of the country and some as far as China.

The company has set goals, among others is that it has to have more than five sub companies in the next ten years and employ about five thousand graduates.

The Company has further advised students not to focus on getting a job after graduation as job hunting will not only dilapidate their shoes but also a frustrating process seeing the statics of unemployment in the country is currently high. It has further advised all graduates to come on board and be part milestone economic achievement.

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