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On 24th March,2017. Upnd party and its president Mr.Hakainde Hichilema got a permission from the zambian police to hold a public rally in Kanyama compound at twashuka grounds. And on March 25th, PF Kennedy Kamba threatened the police by telling them that they will be bloodshed should the UPND go on with the Public rally in kanyama on April 2nd.
Today the zambian Police have written to the UPND and stopped their plans to hold the public rally in kanyama.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Doreen Mwamba the munali mp, said the people of Munali constituency,have strongly condemned the PF Lusaka province Youth Chairperson Kennedy Kamba for inciting violence following the UPND party’s notification that they hold a rally in Kanyama. 

She said, this country does not belong to a few selfish and greedy individuals cadres who hardly can use their heads to appreciate democracy. 

She says the UPND is a law abiding party and highly appreciates democracy. 

Mrs. Doreen Mwamba have challenged the police to arrest the PF Lusaka Youths Chairperson Kennedy Kamba for proposing and threatening violence. 

“In any case and as a well known fact, we wish to educate the PF through their Chief architect of violence Kennedy Kamba that as a party which is enjoying massive support across the country, we are entitled to the following rights as enshrined in our country’s constitution: 

A:Freedom of association 

B:Freedom of assembly

C: Freedom of expression.

D:Freedom of conscious .” She said.

Mr. Kamba’s calls that UPND rally will not go ahead is wishful thinking because no one is above the law not even Nelson Phiri who is Lusaka Province Police commissioner. She added. 

Mrs Mwamba has said,in the event that the UPND denied its right as a party, they must be exempted from paying tax.

She further said, Zambia belongs to all Zambians who are living and future generations and it does not belong to a few selfish cowards in pf government. 

“Lastly, as a woman and Mother, I want to call on all the women in Lusaka to go and attend the rally on 2nd April, 2017.” She said.