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Zambia:Lusaka Police has arrested a social media influencer.

Written by on June 18, 2020

Lusaka Police has arrested social media influencer and prominent photographer who has been suspected of sexual, cyber and extortion offenses.

The suspect is one of the youths who has been complaining about alleged corruption in the government. Recently Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo Lusambo asked suspect to apologize for his rantings of which he could not.

Zambia Police Service Spokerperson Mrs Esther Katongo has confirmed the arrest of the man.

“The man he was picked up, yes. But for the reason as to why he was picked, wait, I’ll get back to you” she said.

It is exactly two weeks since his fellow advocate s, musicians Brian Wembya popularly known as B Flow and Kings Malembe Malembe spoke about corruption in government and lack of freedom of expression. This morning Brian undertook a search for man in all police stations in Lusaka but he could not find him.

“The officers here say the man is NOT in their custody neither do they have any information about his alleged arrest. We are about to call Police Service Headquarters and Lusaka Central Police. Chellah’s phone is still ringing but going unanswered”. He said.

According to the Facebook account it indicates that before his arrest he was out of the country in Ethiopia to receive his Best Runway Fashion Photographer award which he has been continued to defend till date.

To be continued…

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