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Zambia: Miloso High school Girls complains of sexually abused by teachers

Some Girls at miloso secondary have complained of sex illicit from their teachers.
One of the pupils of miloso secondary school Elizabeth Phiri complained of Sexual abuse at the school by their teachers.

It is reported that, they send these pupils into their offices deliberately, and when they enter into the office, they close and lock the office.
These pupils took the matter to the Debs office but nothing has been an vail.

Some other affected girls at Misolo secondary school are Michelle, Rakel, Elizabeth, Natasha, Agnes and Magnet were all abused by some named teachers at the school of Misolo such Mr.Susa and Mufaweli Mwale which were once reported to the government, but nothing has happened yet.

“The government has done nothing please we need government to help us pupils about these teachers who are giving us pregnancies, the head teacher know about this but they do nothing.” Rakel said.

Tips submitted by a victim family member