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ZAMBIAN notable Prophet Willy Munyeta who has been acknowledged by performing shocking miracles, inspiring messages and uttering accurate prophecies equally national and international. Prophet Willy Munyeta is alleged to be the leader of All for Christ Ministries International Church which has branches in Zambia and India. Following Jesus Christ’s command to heal the sick and cleanse the lepers, the Lord has been performing miracles, signs and wonders through the hand of Prophet Willy Munyeta . Last year December, the man of God delivered a woman in Zambia who had been mentally disordered for 23 years and early this year Prophet Munyeta delivered a 30 year old man in Blantyre, Malawi who had been mentally disordered for 24 years.

This time around through the power of the Holy Spirit, it has been testified that Prophet Willy Munyeta prayed for a woman in Siavonga District, Zambia who has been identified as Lister Malama popularly known as bana Kasonde who had a broken right arm bone. Reports states that on the unknown date the woman was involved in the road accident by collapsing from a moving vehicle which later resulted in her breaking her right hand bones due to this scandal she was unable to do what she by and large used to do. However, when the man of God came in contact with her on the road he felt compassion on her and stretched his hand towards her and prayed.

All of a sudden the woman’s broken bones attached to each other miraculously and she praised the name of the Lord. Few days later, she underwent another X-ray examination that proved that the bones had been back to their normal position. Well, this shocked the doctors and those that knew her previous condition. Currently the woman broken arm bone is normally functioning.

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  1. We thank God for using his true servant Prophet Willy Munyeta to miraculously heal a woman with a broken arm bone. Indeed this a miracle.

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