A ZAMBIAN student of Parul University in Vadodara allegedly hanged himself in his hostel room on Saturday night.

Sakala Andrew Zite (22), a second year civil engineering student, was found hanging from a ceiling fan by his friends, sources said.

According to Waghodia police, Sakala has left behind a suicide note without mentioning any specific reason for taking the extreme step. “He has written that no one should be held responsible for his death,” a police officer said.

University officials, however, said that Sakala was “depressed” as he had failed in several subjects in his earlier semester and was retained in the same class for the second time. Devanshu Patel, president of Parul University, said, “From my interaction with the police, I have learnt that the student has committed suicide due to depression. After I got the news, I spoke to the Head of Department of his faculty and I was told that he had failed in many subjects. It is possible that he was under pressure and depressed due to his inability to perform in academics. He was supposed to start his semester next June.”

Police added that Sakala was not involved in the February clash between the Indian and foreign students on the campus, in which nine Afghan and African nationals were arrested.

Source: indian Express.



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